Financial Literacy Month Series: Money and Our Physical Health

Dec 18, 2020

This blog series was prepared by Jewelle Edwards, who joined the staff at PELC through their youth employment training program, INSPIRE.

This is the second blog in our Financial Literacy Month series. We are thinking about the ways that living on a low income affects different areas of life. Let’s talk about physical health!

What is Physical Health?

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In the first blog, we talked about mental health, which is how your mind is doing. Physical health is how your body is doing! For example…

  • How is your body feeling? 
  • Does your body feel tired or full of energy? 
  • Do you get any exercise during the week?
  • Are parts of your body sore or painful?

Sometimes I only think about my physical health when I am sick but it’s important to think about it all the time!

What can Affect our Physical Health?

  • The food we eat
  • How active we are 
  • How much sleep and rest we get
  • Stress; how much and how we handle it

Money affects everything in the list above, so money can have a big affect on our physical health! Finances is another word we can use to talk about money. Let’s start by looking at financial stress and physical health!

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