Financial Literacy Month Series: Money and Education

Dec 18, 2020

This blog series was prepared by Jewelle Edwards, who joined the staff at PELC through their youth employment training program, INSPIRE.

In this blog series, we have looked at a few of the ways that living on a low income affects mental health and physical health. If you have lived on a low income, you can probably think of a few ways that your education has been affected!

Let’s talk about it!

A Good School Experience

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What are some examples of a good experience at school?

  • You like going to school most of the time
  • Teachers or other people can help you with your work
  • You feel interested in a lot of what you are learning
  • You feel like you belong at your school
  • Learning in school helps you think about the future
  • You can be involved by:
    • Asking or answering questions
    • Working together with classmates
    • Joining after school activities

Not everyone has a good experience in school. There can be many reasons why. You might be missing some important things that you need to have a good school experience.

What can help students have a good experience in school?

  • Having a space to do school work without a lot of distractions like loud noises
  • Writing notes to remind you what the teacher said
  • Sleep – this helps with focusing on your work and remembering what you learned
  • Studying – this is important when we get ready for quizzes or tests 
  • Asking questions – if you don’t understand what the teacher said or didn’t hear everything, asking questions helps you get the information you need

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