Jerry Doucett

Jerry joined the PELC Board of Directors in June 2021 and served as Treasurer from 2021-2023. He is a professional trainer, coach and advisor with over 30 years of hands-on experience in designing, building, delivering and improving educational programs for businesses. He is a highly collaborative problem solver and team builder, and a competent professional instructor, coach, facilitator, and mentor for leadership and staff alike. His passion is to help people set both personal and professional goals at any level for skills development and support them in achieving their desired outcomes. To date he has instructed and certified over 3,500 people globally over five continents and in over 250 different learning events. As a sole proprietor, the mandate of his newly formed company (Evolutionize) is to help people, teams and organizations adopt a continuous learning mindset, become customer and outcome focused, and leverage Lean and Agile practices to progressively evolve their abilities and ways of working. He loves to kayak and protect the natural environment, and is a supporter of the local South Shore Joint Initiative (SSJI) in PEC. He lives in Hillcrest in Hillier Township on the south shore of Consecon Lake with his wife and two sons.